Setup Guide

  1. Install Dedicated Server Account

    Please enter to Dedicated Server > Server Accounts > Setup Dedicated Server, and enter root password, hostname and IP address of your dedicated server or VPS and select operating system (CentOS, Ubunto etc.) too. If you have windows server please contact us to install your server
  2. Install Game Server Files

    After you have installed dedicated server in step 1, please enter Game Files Setup page and select root account of your dedicated server. Then choose from the table of games the game you would like to install and click  Install from the right under Action column.
  3. Add Server Account

    Go to Dedicated Server > Server Accounts > Create Server Account, and create server user account for the client on which all game servers should be installed, select the dedicated server you have installed in step 1 and enter user and password and click create.
  4. Add Client Account

    Go to Clients > Client Accounts > Create Client Account, and create client account for the server account you have created in step 3.
  5. Setup Game Server

    Go to Servers > Setup Server, and setup game server you have just installed game server files for in step 2, select server account you created in step 3 and client account you created in step 4.